Signals and Statistics Group
Coordinator: Frédéric Pascal
frederic.pascal (at)
tél. : 01 69 85 17 28

Research at Signals and Statistics group is classified along two axes:

We concentrate on time series analysis (long-memory processes, non-stationary processes, robust estimation, missing data); point processes and non gaussian processes; sparse decompositions for source separation; multi-sensor signal processing (source detection, performance bounds, interference cancelling, beamforming optimization)

The group of inverse problems is at the interface between physics, statistics and signal or image processing. The works of the group are based on stochastic models or Markov separable hidden variables in a Bayesian framework, but also sparse approach and convex optimization. Applications are included imaging processing in the broadest sense: microwave tomography imaging, SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) imaging, 3D tomography, infrared astronomy imaging, and PET (Positron Emission Tomography) imaging, M/EEG, source separation etc.

Presentation of the Group

Signaux seminars S³ :  The goal of this seminar is to welcome recognized researchers, but also PhD students and post-docs, around the field of signal processing and its applications. It is open to everyone (free) and will be host every Friday mornig (10:30 am Salle des séminaire Supelec C4 wing, see the Informations webpage). We will have coffee and croissants before each seminar.