Networks and Telecommunications

The Network and Telecommunications activity carries out fundamental research in the field of Networks and Telecommunications. In terms of applications, the main areas of interest include wireless networks, vehicular networks, but also emerging subjects such as synergy between communication networks and smart grids.

Information theory 5G and 6G Smart grid Deep learning Vehicular networks Optimization Internet of Things

The Network and Telecommunications activity brings together skills at the “lower layers” (digital communications, resources allocation, etc.), the “application layer” (robust compression, content security, etc.), as well as network layers (TCP / IP, routing, etc.), which work in synergy to solve current telecommunications and multimedia problems, in particular in mobile networks. An effort is made to investigate generic mathematical tools allowing as much as possible a global optimization, such as game theory, information theory, stochastic geometry, or information geometry. In general, we aim, from fundamental research work, at further developing the results in order to bring them closer to an industrial use, in particular through collaborative contracts.

Methodological tools

  • optimization
  • game theory
  • deep learning
  • stochastic geometry
  • distributed algorithms
  • source coding
  • simulations
  • control theory
  • stochastic models
  • information theory
  • learning and distributed statistics
  • network coding
  • information geometry
  • graph theory
  • combinatorial bounds

Application areas

  • 5G and 6G
  • smart grid
  • distributed control networks
  • social networks
  • sensor networks
  • autonomous and connected vehicles
  • immersive visual communications
  • resources allocation
  • energy efficiency
  • interference management and coordination
  • coding and iterative algorithms
  • deep learning
  • cooperation and feedback
  • caching
  • privacy and physical security
  • non-linear channels

Research Teams

Head of the activity

Frédéric DUFAUX

Senior researcher – CNRS

Télécoms et réseaux – ROC

+33 169851744

Bât. Breguet C4.30

Permanent staff

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Non permanent staff

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