Title of the PhD. Thesis:

Physical Layer Design for Ultra-Wide Band Wireless Communications: Channel Modeling, Detection, and Synchronization - The University of L'Aquila (Italy).


Abstract of the PhD. Thesis:

Channel modeling, detection and synchronization are three relevant issues for sound design and operation of efficient, power–limited and reduced–complexity Ultra Wide Band (UWB) communication systems. These three aspects are analyzed in detail in this thesis work and some new algorithms and receiver architectures are proposed with the aim of improving performance while keeping system complexity at a moderate level. In particular, we first address the problem of channel modeling as the essential prerequisite for performance analysis and receiver design. We report on the results obtained from a campaign of measurements done by the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering and THALES Communications in the still unexplored outdoor scenario. A statistical model is also derived, and it is presented and discussed for three representative situations. When dealing with detection and synchronization issues, we focus on reduced–complexity solutions based on the Transmitted–Reference principle. In this regard, the contribution of this thesis work is twofold: 1) we propose new frameworks for performance analysis, which explicitly take into account the characteristics of the UWB channel, without resorting to unrealistic simplifications for its statistical behavior; 2) we propose a new algorithm for timing acquisition, which is based on the multipath–aided philosophy, and we also remove some simplifying assumptions, which are typically retained in the technical literature for performance analysis of timing acquisition problems.


Defense of the PhD. Thesis:

January 2007, The University of L'Aquila (Italy)


Advisors of the PhD. Thesis:

Prof. Fortunato Santucci

Prof. Fabio Graziosi