Energy-based modeling and control of electric power systems with guaranteed stability properties

Thesis defended on April 15, 2016, 2:30 PM at CentraleSupelec (Gif-sur-Yvette) Salle des séminaires du L2S

To deal with nonlinear, large scale, multi domain, systems, as power systems are, we have witnessed in the last few years an increasing interest in energy–based modeling, analysis and controller design techniques. Energy is one of the fundamental concepts in science and engineering practice, where it is common to view dynamical systems as energy-transformation devices. This perspective is particularly useful in studying complex nonlinear systems by decomposing them into simpler subsystems which, upon interconnection, add up their energies to determine the full systems behavior. This is obviously the most natural and intuitive language to represent power systems. In particular, the use of port–Hamiltonian (pH) systems has been already proven highly successful in many applications, namely for mechanical, electrical and electromechanical systems.  The port-Hamiltonian systems paradigm therefore provides a solid foundation, which suggests new ways to look at power systems analysis and control problems. Based on this framework, this thesis is structured in three main steps: 1 -  Modeling of a generalized class of electric power systems, based on graph theory and port-Hamiltonian representation of the individual components. 2 - Modeling, analysis and control of multi terminal hvdc transmission systems. With the intention to bridge the gap between theory and applications, one of the main concerns is to establish connections between existing engineering solutions, usually derived via ad hoc considerations, and the solutions stemming from theoretical analysis. 3 - Additional contributions of the author in other fields of electric power systems, including traditional ac power systems and microgrids.


Composition du jury

M. Roméo ORTEGA-MARTINEZ, L2S, Directeur de thèse

M. Abdelkrim BENCHAIB, Alstom Grids, Examinateur

M. Claudio DE PERSIS, University of Groningen, Rapporteur

M. Florian DÖRFLER, ETH Zurich-Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Rapporteur

M. Françoise LAMNABHI-LAGARRIGUE, L2S, Examinateur

M. Valentin COSTAN, EDF-R&D EFESE, Examinateur