Séminaire d’Automatique du plateau de Saclay : Observer synthesis under time-varying sampling for Lipschitz nonlinear systems

Séminaire le 13 Février 2017, 10h00 à CentraleSupelec (Gif-sur-Yvette) Salle du conseil du L2S - B4.40
Lucien Etienne (L2S, CentraleSupelec)

The problem of observation of continuous-time nonlinear Lipschitz systems under time-varying discrete measurements is studied. This class of systems naturally occurs when continuous processes are observed through digital sensors and information is sent via a network to a computer for state estimation. Since network introduces uncertainties in the sampling time, the observer must be designed so to take these uncertainties into account. Here two classes of observation scheme are studied. First an impulsive observers, which make instantaneous correction when information is received, is considered. Then a Luenberger-like observer with a piece wise constant correction term is studied. For both classes of observer, generic conditions are provided. Then a restriction of the generic conditions is used to establish tractable conditions that allows the synthesis of an observer gain.
Bio. Lucien Etienne received a M.Sc. Degree in Applied Mathematics at the INSA Rouen in 2012 and a joint Ph.D. in Automatic Control from the university of L'Aquila and the university of Cergy-Pontoise in 2016. After a Post-doc at INRIA Lille on observer synthesis for sampled data system, he is currently Post-doc at L2S CentralSupéléc working on switched systems for embedded control under mixed stochastic/deterministic timing uncertainty.

His research interests include switched and hybrid systems, Observer synthesis and sampled data systems.