Novel Microstereolithography (MSL) and Bulk Lithography (BL) technologies for polymer/ceramic 3D MEMS

Séminaire le 3 Juin 2015, 16h00 à CentraleSupelec (Gif-sur-Yvette) Salle des séminaires du L2S
Prof. Prasanna S. Gandhi

Polymers are increasingly being used for fabrication of MEMS for their advantages of low cost, easy disposability, high flexibility, and so on. With the area of printable organic electronics developing fast there are enormous possibilities with polymer MEMS, especially 3D. This talk will present two indigenously developed technologies for fabrication of polymer 3D MEMS.
The proposed MSL technology has demonstrated resolution of 6micron and a large overall size of fabricated component at the same time: a feature seldom found in other such systems in the literature. The core opto-mechanical scanner (patent pending) and mechatronic system built around it would be presented. This system is demonstrated to have positioning accuracy within 100 nm. Several cases of micro-component fabrication will be demonstrated. Main drawback of MSL is stair-stepping effects on slanted walls. To overcome this limitation, recently "Bulk Lithography" technology has been proposed by our group. The main principle used here is to impose spatial variation of laser energy dose while scanning. The method gives remarkable accuracy in getting free-form surface features desired for microlenses, tapered micro cantilevers, tapered diaphragm micromirrors and so on, which are otherwise not feasible to fabricate. Finally, ceramic microstereolithography and preliminary fabrication of ceramic microcomponents would be demonstrated. The proposed technologies hold potential for direct prototyping and also mass production of MEMS devices along with packaging.

Biography: P.S. Gandhi received the B.Eng. degree in from the University of Bombay, Mumbai in 1994 and the M.Tech degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Mumbai in 1996, both in mechanical engineering. He received the Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from the Rice University, Houston in 2001. Since 2001, he has been faculty member, currently Professor, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Mumbai. His research interests are in the areas of MEMS and Microsystems, Mechatronics, and Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Control. He has been a recipient of 2006 BOYSCAST fellowship of Govt of India, 2007 Best faculty award (ME department) and Prof J.R.Issac fellowship. He has authored several patents and over 85 peer reviewed conference and journal papers. He has coordinated setup of a new laboratory Suman Mashruwala Microengineering Laboratory for research in Microdomain and has successfully developed technologies of Bulk Lithography and Microstereolithography for 3D MEMS fabrication in this laboratory. He has been a qualified teacher of stress relieving, life enhancing techniques of Art of Living foundation by Sri Sri Ravishankar