Doctorant sous la direction de R. Boyer

Titre de la thèse: Contributions to robust calibration methods in radio astronomy
Résumé de la thèse: This thesis deals with calibration and imaging in the radio astronomy context. Future astronomical instruments will be constituted of largely distributed sensor arrays with a hierarchy of phased array elements. In order to provide meaningful images for such arrays, accurate calibration is of critical importance and remains a daunting parameter estimation task. The calibration step needs to be robust to the presence of outliers (due notably to faint sources which corrupt our data). Therefore, the noise model may not be Gaussian. Besides, the new sensor arrays being composed of antennas with large wide field of view, the perturbation effects are mostly direction-dependent (notably the ionospheric disturbances are spatially and temporally variable). In this context, they can be modelled thanks to Jones matrices. This thesis is part of the MAGELLAN project, which aims to solve inverse problems of very large size.