Current PhD students

  • Zheng Li, (2017 - 2020, funded by Orange Lab)
    • Topic: Communication in heterogeneous networks with high mobility
  • Khac-Hoang Ngo, (2017-2020, funded by Huawei France)
    • Topic: Multiuser non-choherent communications
  • Asma Ghorbel, (2015-2018, joint supervision with M. Kobayashi)
    • Topic Cache-aided content delivery in wireless networks
  • Victor Exposito, (2015-2018, funded by Mitsubishi)
    • Topic: Multicast in heterogeneous networks with user cooperation
  • Dora Boviz, (2013-2017, funded by Nokia Bell Labs)
    • Topic: Backhaul constrained communication in cloud RAN 


Past PhD students

  • Chao He (2017)
    • Topic: Broadcast channels with state feedback
  • German Bassi (2015, joint supervision with P. Piantanida)
    • Topic: Secure Communication and Cooperation in Interference-Limited Wireless Networks
  • Antonia Masucci (2011, joint supervision with M. Debbah)
    • Topic: Finite-dimensional statistical inference





New openings !

  • Internships (3-6 months)
  • One Post-Doc position

If you are interested and have strong mathematical background and good academic records, please send your CV to "sheng dot yang at centralesupelec dot fr". Due to a large amount of demands, I may not be able to reply to every request.