Doctorant sous la direction de P. BRAULT

I am a second-year Ph.D. student under a CIFRE contract between Orange, L2S CentralSupelec and Université Paris-Sacaly. At the L2S side, Patrice BRAULT, Pierre DUHAMEL and Frédéric DUFAUX are in joint supervision of my thesis.

My thesis is on the Next Generation Video Coding standard which will probably be called H.266 and is supposed to be finalized before 2020 to replace the current state-of-the-art High Efficiency Video Coding or H.265/HEVC.

At the moment, there is an intense activity in this domain by the main players (e.g. Samsung, Technicolor, Qualcomm etc.) to put their technologies in the prospective standard. As a big telecom company which has to adopt the standard for the use of its services, Orange is strongly following the standardization process both to help it accelerate and put technologies in it.

One of the major sub-domains of video compression is "intra-frame prediction" in which, frames of the video sequence are treated as individual images to be compressed independently. In this thesis which is a part of a bigger project at Orange, we are trying to improve the performance of the intra-frame prediction for the H.266. That is to say, we want to further compress individual frames while maintaining the same level of quality.



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