Doctorant sous la direction de S. TEBBANI

Titre de la thèse: Robust predictive control of bioprocesses : application to the culture of bacteria E. coli
Résumé de la thèse: Culture of biological systems is widely used in the biotechnology sector (e.g. bacteria, animal cells, microalgae, etc). Bioprocess cultivation is used for several applications: waste treatment and recovery, production of high value added molecules (proteins, cosmetics products, vaccines, etc). One key challenge is to optimize the microorganism culture in order to maximize the biosystem productivity. This can be achieved via the development of advanced control laws. These ones enable maintaining the system at the optimal operating conditions. The main challenges in this case concern: (i) Modeling of the bioprocess. Indeed, the system is complex, nonlinear, uncertain and time varying. (ii) Quality of available measurements. They are either measured through physical sensors, or estimated thanks to soft-sensors (estimation algorithms). Performance of the control law highly depends on the quality of the measurements and on the accuracy of the estimated data. The developed control strategies must be robust with respect to modeling uncertainties and measurement or estimation errors, while assuring a high bioprocess productivity.