Doctorant sous la direction de D. Normand-Cyrot

Titre de la thèse: Stabilisation of nonlinear sampled-data and discrete-time systems
Résumé de la thèse: Over the last decade the methodologies of dynamical systems and control theory have been playing an increasingly relevant role in a lot of situations of practical interest. Though, a lot of theoretical problem still remain unsolved. Among all, the ones concerning stability and stabilization are of paramount importance. In order to stabilize a physical (or not) system , it is necessary to acquire and interpret heterogeneous information on its behavior in order to correctly intervene on it. In general, those information are not available through a continuous flow but are provided in a synchronous or asynchronous way. This issue has to be unavoidably taken into account for the control action. In a very natural way, all those heterogeneities define an hybrid system characterized by both continuous and discrete dynamics. This project is contextualized in this framework and aimed at proposing new methodologies for the stabilization of discrete-time and sampled-data nonlinear systems with application to sustainable energies.

Mattia Mattioni was born in Rome (Italy) on May, 23rd 1990. He received his Bachelor Degree (Laurea) and Master of Science (Laurea Magistrale) in Control Engineering from La Sapienza, Università di Roma (Italy), both Magna cum Laude. In 2015, he received the double degree for the Master de Recherche en Automatique, Traitement du Signal et des Images (M2R ATSI)  through the bilateral agreement STIC&A with Université Paris-Sud 11.
He is currently a PhD student at L2S (CNRS-CentraleSupelec-Paris Sud 11) in a joint program with DIAG "A. Ruberti" (La Sapienza, Università di Roma) under the supervision of Salvatore Monaco and Dorothée Normand-Cyrot.
His research is mainly concerned with stabilisation of nonlinear systems via sampled-data feedback.


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