Marie-Dorothée Normand-Cyrot  got her PhD Thesis in Mathematics (Paris VII) in 1978  and her “Thèse d’Etat  es-Sciences” in Physics (Paris-XI) in  1983. Engineer at the Electricity of France, she entered the “Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique” in 1981 as researcher  at the Laboratory of Signal and Systems where she is Research  Director  from 1991.  She handled from 1986 positions of visiting Professor in Italy (University of Rome "La Sapienza" and  l'Aquila). She coordinated research in control in France as Director (1998-2002) (steering staff from 1989) of the CNRS "Groupement de Recherche en Automatique" federating research, education and transfer activities and served in the steering staff of the CNRS Dept. Sciences and Technology of Information and Communication in 2001.  Senior Member of the IEEE Society from 1996, her research activity is in the field of Systems and Control Theory; author and co-author of about 192 scientific publications, editor of 6 books, supervisor of nearly  29 thesis, Ph.D and,training periods. DNC has promoted from 1993, through national and international research projects with industrial partnerships and public institutions, research activity on Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems, Digital Control and its Applications  in electrical drives, aeronautics and spacecraft control, robotics. Under the auspices of the University "Franco-Italienne/Italo-Francaise", she coordinatedresearch and formation activities between Italy and France and  a European CNRS Research Network between Belgium, Greece, Italy and France from 1987 to 1991. Member of several  scientific and steering international  committees,  she was Program Responsible of the European Control Conference - 1991, General Responsible of the international workshop “Perspectives in Control” in  Paris-1998 and of CIFA-2002; the International  Francophone  Conference in Control.  Editor at Large of the EJC from 2003, Associated  Editor from 1998. General Secretary of the Governing Board of the EUCA (European Union Control Association) from 2003, she was member of its Executive Council from its creation in 1991 up to 1997.


Research Interests

  1. Analysis and control of nonlinear discrete-time systems
  2. Analysis and control of nonlinear sampled-data systems
  3. Time-delay systems
  4. Applications of digital control to technological domains as mechanics, electro-mechanics, robotics or space exploration, ....

Recent talks and invitations

 (PDFs of the presentations are available below)

  1. DYNAMICS, CONTROL, and GEOMETRY: In honor of Bronisław Jakubczyk's 70th birthday. Banach Center Warsaw, September, 12-15 2018. "Prolegomena to nonlinear discrete-time systems". Plenary Speaker. 
  2. 22nd IEEE-CSS International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing. Sinaia, October 10-12 2018. "Nonlinear digital Lyapunov based stabilizing control". Plenary Speaker.
  3. M. Mattioni, S.Monaco and D. Normand-Cyrot (2018) Reduction of Discrete-Time Two-Channel Delayed Systems, L-CSS, IEEE Control Systems Letters, 2, Issue: 3, pp. 339 - 344; presented during the 57th IEEE-CDC, Miami.
  4. M. Mattioni, S.Monaco and D. Normand-Cyrot (2018) Reduction-based stabilization of time-delay nonlinear dynamics; Proc. of the 57th IEEE-CDC, Miami; Proc IEEE-CDC.