Doctoral & post-doctoral Supervision


Within the framework of the exchange program CTS (Control Training Site), I supervised between 2000 et 2004 PhD students and, for some of them, our work was included in their PhDs. 

Mario  Sigalotti, PhD at SISSA, Oct. 2003 with A.A. Agrachev.
Mauro  Garavello 
PhD at SISSA, Oct. 2004 with B. Piccoli. 
Bertrand  Haut 
PhD at Louvain-La-Neuve, May 2007 with Georges Bastin.
Paolo Mason 
PhD at SISSA, Oct. 2006 with U. Boscain

PhD students

My supervision share is of 100% with no mention of co-advisor, 50% with one other advisor and 30% with two others.

Karim  Yacoubi - defended in 12/2005
Lynda Cherfi (co-direction with H. Abou-Kandil) - 
defended in 12/2005
Rebecca Salmoni (co-direction 
with U. Boscain) - defended in 12/2007
Antoine Perasso (co-direction 
with B. Laroche) - defended in 11/2009
Ruixing  Long (co-direction 
with F. Jean) - defended in 07/2010
Petri  Kokkonen - 
defended in 12/2011
Mohamed  Harmouche (co-direction
with S. Laghrouche and M. Bagdouri) - defended in 11/2013
Sarra Jlassi (co-direction 
with S. Tliba) defended in 11/2013
Amina  Mortada  (70%, co-direction 
with A. Wehbe) - defended in 11/2014
Moussa Gaye (co-direction 
with P. Mason and U. Boscain) - defended in 11/2014
Boutheina Hafassa (co-direction 
with F. Jean and M. Sigalotti) - defended in 01/2016
Guilherme  Mazanti (co-direction 
with M. Sigalotti) - defense around 12/2016
Zheng Chen (co-direction 
with F. Lagouttiere et J. B. Caillau) - defense around 12/2016
Jonathan Laporte (co-direction 
with A. Chaillet) - defense around 12/2017
Abdelkrim Bahloul (co-direction 
with S. Tliba) - defense around12/2018
Sofya Maslovskaya (co-direction 
with F. Jean) - defense around 12/2018


The post-docs I supervised were hired through Digiteo projets of scholarships from Ecole Polytechnique.

Térence Bayen - 09/2007-09/2008
Paolo Mason - 09/2008-09/2009
Francesca Chittaro -  09/2009-09/2010
Mauricio  Godoy Molina -  09/2011-03/2013