Véronique Vèque passed her master degree in computer science from University Pierre et Marie Curie - France, in 09/1985. Under the supervision of Professor Guy Pujolle, she obtained her PhD degree in communication networks in 12/1989 and its HDR in 1999. From 09/1989 to 08/2000, she was an Associate Professor at University of Paris Sud (Paris 11), France and, a research member of Laboratory for Computer Science in Orsay. From 09/2000 to present, she worked as a full Professor at University of Paris Sud. She is mainly involved in Master IST of University Paris Sud. From 2002 to 2010, she launched and managed the Networks and Telecommunication M2 speciality of Master IST. Since 2010, she is director of the Doctoral School STITS, co-accredited by both University Paris Sud and Supelec. From 09/2000 to present, she was a research member of Institute of Electronics. Since 2010, she joined the Laboratory of Signal and Systems in Supelec. Her research interests lie in the field of both wireless, mobile and high speed communication networks with emphasis on resource allocation, quality of service techniques, ad hoc routing and performance evaluation. She has supervised 13 PhD thesis. She is co-author of a book on high-speed networks and ATM techniques in 1995. She has published more than 65 papers in international journals or conferences. Véronique Vèque has been involved on the technical program committee of different IEEE conferences, including GLOBECOM, PIMRC, ISCC, WLN, and WiMOB, and regularly invited to chair some of their sessions. Véronique Vèque is a Senior member of the IEEE, IEEE Communications Society, and IEEE Vehicular Society.

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