Recent works:

  • K. Ngo, M. Guillaud, A. Decurninge, S. Yang, P. Schniter, "Multi-User Detection Based on Expectation Propagation for the Non-Coherent SIMO Multiple Access Channel," revised, available on Arxiv.
  • K. Ngo, A. Decurninge, M. Guillaud, and S. Yang, "Cube-Split: A Structured Grassmannian Constellation for Non-Coherent SIMO Communications," accepted to IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, available on Arxiv. 
  • K. Ngo, M. Guillaud, A. Decurninge, S. Yang, S. Sarkar, and P. Schniter, "Non-Coherent Multi-User Detection Based on Expectation Propagation," in Asilomar 2019. 
  • Y. Du, S. Yang, and K. Huang, "High-Dimensional Stochastic Gradient Quantization for Communication-Efficient Edge Learning," in GlobalSIP 2019.
  • Z. Li, S. Yang, and S. Shamai (Shitz), "On Linearly Precoded Rate Splitting for MIMO Broadcast Channels," submitted, available on Arxiv, revised version of "Linearly precoded rate splitting: Optimality and non-optimality for MIMO broadcast channels".
  • Q. Yan, S. Yang, and M. Wigger, "Storage, Computation, and Communication: A Fundamental Tradeoff in Distributed Computing," submitted, available on arXiv:1806.07565.


I am interested in information theory and wireless networking in general. Some recent and past research directions are:

  • Multi-antenna (MIMO) communication networks
  • Phase noise channels and hardware impairments
  • Wireless networks with state feedback
  • Content delivery with caching
  • Distributed computing
  • Machine learning for wireless communications