Ph.D. student under the direction of H. Mounier

Thesis title: Constrained systems control - Algebraic and differential flatness aspects
Thesis abstract: This thesis project can be subdivided in two parts: 1. The control of differentially flat systems with constraints. These systems can be finite dimensional non linear ones, or linear infinite dimensional. The constraints are carried over the flat outputs and the constraint fulfillement problem boils down to an adequate choice of these outputs. Choosing a linear weighted combination of known functions for the latter, the constraints fulfillement reduces to determining the weights allowing the inequalities brought into play to be satisfied. This framework avoids the use of generally high computing cost optimization schemes. 2. The development of a new type of robust control, which we shall call heuristic model control, which generalizes the model free control due to Michel Fliess and Cedric Join. We will use a mix between flatness based control and the heuristic model one, providing a gray box type framework.