Ph.D. student under the direction of R. COMBES

I received the Master Degree in mathematical engineering from university of Paris VI (2015), the certification Machine Learning/Big Data from university of Paris VI (2015). I am currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree with CentraleSupelec and Orange Labs under the supervision of Richard Combes and Zwi Altman.

My current research interests are performance evaluation, stochastics models and connexions E2E.

Teaching as tutor for  Numerical analysis and Statistics for students of ENSIIE (2017/18)

Thesis title: Self-Organizing-Network (SON) for E2E connections

SON are already applied in Radio Access Network (RAN) for optimize connections between Base station and User equipment, but they don't exist for connections between two user equipment.The topic of my thesis is to find new SON applied for these connections E2E.

For example, in the first study, we consider a TCP connections between a smartphone and server for video play-out. We try to optimize the Quality of Experience (QoE) of the user at the level of buffer's starvation modifing in real times the video's bitrate at the level of the quality of image.