I was born in France in 1971. I received the Ingenieur Degree in electrical engineering from the National School of engineering in Electronics and its applications (ENSEA), Cergy-Pontoise, France in 1996 and the Ph.D degree from the National School of engineering in telecommunications (ENST), Paris, ENST, France in 1999. Since september 2000, I am an assistant professor at Univ. Paris-Sud, Orsay, France.


  • mono and multicarrier systems : equalization, impulsive noise correction, error-correcting codes
  • convergence analysis of iterative algorithms for decoding of BICM or turbo-codes based on distributed optimization, information geometry,..
  • constellation shaping for broadcast channel
  • power minimization in ad hoc network
  • cooperation in a wireless environment
  • Non-binary encoding/decoding

Ph.D.  students

- Hong Nthat Nguyen (April 2014 - ) - Practical schemes for cooperation settings in a realistic wireless environment.