The SIRENA team is currently composed by:

Prof. Andrea MASSA - Principal Investigator
Dr. Marco Salucci - Post Doc. @ L2S
Main focus: supervision and implementation of the SW developed during the SIRENA project (jointly with the PhD students and the technical staff of the involved institutions). Customization of the developed approaches to NDT‐NDE. Preparation for the extension of such approaches to structural health monitoring problems.
Hidayet Zaimaga - Ph. D. Student @ Univ. Paris Sud
Main focus: study and development of probabilistic inversion approaches addressing ‘compressible’ problems within NDE/NDT.
Shamim Ahmed - Ph. D. Student @ CEA
Main focus: study and development of efficient database sampling strategies and learning-by-examples techniques for enabling real-time NDT-NDE analysis of complex structures.

Moreover, the SIRENA Project benefit from the active cooperation with the ELEDIA Research Center@University of Trento through the involvement and participation of several of its members, including