SIRENA Project

Efficient inverSIon stRategiEs
for Non‐invAsive monitoring of complex structures

Monitoring modern critical structures requires real‐time, long‐term, and distributed sensing approaches. The SIRENA project will study and develop innovative inversion paradigms for Decision Support Systems able to provide the user with the real-time "status" of the complex structure under test.

SIRENA is a three-year (2014-2017) project funded by DIGITEO under the "Call for Chairs 2014".

Our Objectives

  • to study and develop innovative real-time inversion tools for complex structure analysis
  • to provide the end-user with the "status" of the SUT as well as the confidence‐level of the estimation of the SUT descriptors
  • to stimulate and strengthen the interactions among multidisciplinary and international research frameworks, involving several competences coming from engineering, computer science, mathematics, and physics available within the DIGITEO community, as well as among the different research groups located in the Île‐de‐France
  • in the long-term, to build a solid basis in the development of new‐generation structural health monitoring (SHM) systems



Our Team

The SIRENA Project is coordinated by Prof. Andrea MASSA. Please see our Who? and our Partner page for detailed information on the involved research team.

Our Results

The success of the activities carried out during the SIRENA project will be disseminated through several channels, including high‐quality and dedicated scientific journals and presentations at international conferences, European research projects in the framework of the Horizon 2020 program, and integrated research projects within the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). Please see our Publications and News pages for additional details.


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